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Falling a thousand times!

Wise people told us that it doesn’t matter how many times we fall in our way to success, as long as we get up again and continue. Honestly, I get discouraged every time I fall, then I resist getting up again, thinking to myself why bother when I am sure to fall again, because this is what happened the last thousand times or so! Who knows, it could be the last 2 thousand times, I never really kept track!
When we are on the ground, we feel tired. We can’t initiate movement when we are in such state. Movement needs energy. Especially when it’s moving up, against gravity. We need more energy then than what we need when we are already up and running. Getting up after falling is the most difficult task in the journey.
I do agree that we have to get up a thousand and one times, or two thousand and one, or whatever. The real problem is the time we waste laying on the ground after the fall. The question is how? How can we not spend too much time laying down. Because when we fall we will feel tired and discouraged. I wish we could avoid that, but this is what will happen. Hitting the ground after flying does hurt. It can even break a piece or two in our emotional being. Is there a way to heal faster, to get the energy to get up without wasting too much time? I am sure there is. Thinking about it right now!

Does self-help literature really help?

Self-help books easily make it to the top sellers’ lists. Self-help gurus are millionaires. Readers, including myself, jump from one best-selling self-help book to the other, from one form of self-improvement content to the other. We read it, we listen to it when driving, and we love watching the masters on TV. But after all that, did we really get the help we need? Did this great book change our life? Did that breakthrough program move us from under-achievers to super-achievers?

I once was having a conversation with a friend of mine, a fan of self-improvement books himself. I said but you know what, self-help books do have a problem. They bring us a great deal of pleasure while reading them. Then that’s it. The pleasure stops there, at the reading. Then in order to have this pleasure again, we pick a new book. While we read those brilliant ideas, we already get a psychological fulfillment. We get excited, imagining ourselves doing all what the book is suggesting. Then when the reading ends, and the excitement fades, we still don’t have the will to change. Doing those things didn’t look as exciting as it did during the reading. The theory was more compelling as a theory than it was in action.

Does that mean I am against reading and listening to those beautiful things? No. Repetition is good on the long term. If we keep reading and listening to this type of ideas every day, we will at least benefit from it by improving our mood and having some moments of hope. But in order to have this benefit, we need not to have gaps. We need not to listen to one audio book, get excited, then stop for a month. Because this gap will then create something worse. We will feel incapable and weak. Guilt will be born, subtle but persistent. The undone promising ideas will torture us, will leave us depressed because we failed to do what we ought to do.

We need to come up with a consistent method to make use of what we read. Because if we don’t, it could work against us, instead of working for us.

My 2008 Poem!

My life will change this year
I will be free!
I will have no fear,
I’ll have the world to see!

I won’t worry about money,
Life will be just great,
I will live somewhere sunny,
I will love my fate,

living will be fun and funny!

I will serve the truth,
With a heart free of hate,
living in eternal youth,
On a clear path, straight
And smooth.

I will live with power,
Serving my lord,
On top will be my tower,
Just will be my sword.

I will live in light,
That I will spread and show,
I will not lose sight,
Of how to make my world grow.

I will be the real Shedou,
I will be Mohamed The Great,
Helping you, be the real you,
For the poor and weak, opening the gate!

From Darkness out to Light

Ignoring anything that bothers us will NOT take it away or make it vanish. Ignoring is just as good as pretending. You pretend to not see what IS there. You pretend to forget what is still present inside your heart and your mind. Ignoring is for the weak and, as the word itself suggests, for the ignorant. We can choose not to be ignorant, not to ignore.

When we are ignorant about something, we can change that by learning about it from good sources. This will move us from darkness to light in that particular area. When something is there and we’re not comfortable about it, we can change that as well, but not by ignoring it, because this will only keep it, and us, in darkness. To move out to light requires that we face it, understand it, write it down, speak it up. Just look it in the face, have a brave and decent conversation, and deal with it.

We better not ignore anything; we better know and handle things.

Late, but coming!

Sweet is the taste of success! Even though it’s not there yet, my nose can smell it, my tongue can taste it, and my heart can feel it; it’s there! It’s no where but inside, waiting for a chance to materialize and see the light. The waiting has been long, but it won’t matter once it is born into the world. I have been carrying this child since a very early age. I knew it was always there, even though no “life pregnancy test” would reveal its existence! All starts as a vision, and my vision is insisting on talking to me, revealing itself in dream-like manners. Would it come to life? It must be there for a reason. Every existence is real, and it does exist. YOU DO EXIST!

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