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My 2008-2009 Twitter Wisdom! Part.1

I started tweeting in the summer of 2008. I always loved short phrases, the ones that express long experiences and deep meanings in few words.
I remember, when I was learning foreign languages in Egypt in high school and college, that whenever we were required to come up with sentences using new words or illustrating grammer rules, I always had to write a sentence that actually said something meaningful. It was like an extra rule that I created for myself, for my own fun and self-respect! For example, if we need to use the word “eat” in a sentence, I would feel so simplistic if I wrote: “Mark eats eggs for breakfast”; instead, I had to come up with something like: “Both Muslims and Jews don’t eat pork”, or “The Earth has enough food for all people to eat”. I just thought it was too easy, somewhat insulting to our intelligence to just come up with any sentences that have no meaning whatsoever!
Then Twitter came and gave me an opportunity to remember my self-imposed rule! I still can’t tweet everyday and use it as a brief journal of what I am doing. I am not saying this is how it should be. I think I can’t get myself out of the mentioned student state of mind just yet! So, I decided to pick my tweets that are saying something, that have some universal meaning beyond the expression of a moment, and publish them here. I will start by the 2008-2009 tweets, the ones that say some kind of wisdom or mark significant events for me, then I might do the same later with my more recent Twitter activity.
I made a plan for today. A plan is different than a to do list, which starts on paper and ends on paper!
May 21st, 2008
Lists don’t produce action. Meaning does! 
May 21st, 2008
I just woke up and it’s noon. Work controls your life style. I can’t wake up early because I work at night.
May 24th, 2008
I wish I had a year off so I can read all my books! 
May 26th, 2008
My car broke, I don’t have enough money to fix it and I rely on it for my job/income! Why am I not worried?! Because God does what He wills!
June 2nd, 2008
A new chapter of our life story starts with every new job – among other things. A new chapter started for me! 
Jan 13th, 2009
Death brings balance to life. And faith brings peace to death!
Jan 13th, 2009
A trip to a new coffee shop for a cup of mocha made me two new friends: two American Muslims/converts around my age!
Feb 22nd, 2009
Today was my second day reading in the bus on my way to and from work in Downtown Chicago. Same bus, new world!
Apr 15th, 2009
Man cannot truly live without a project!
Jul 17th, 2009
Even if I tried and fell a 1000 times, I’ll get up and make it 1001, because it might be the one time I really get up and be the real ME!
Jul 18th, 2009
Don’t look down at a person, because God is looking at your heart!
Jul 18th, 2009
Why do we forget to make use of what makes sense?!
Jul 18th, 2009
Look ahead to get ahead, look at your feet to fall in place!
Jul 21st, 2009
Asking the right question is the very first step to getting the right answer/solution.
Jul 21st, 2009
Our work should make us feel alive, not just make us a living!
Jul 22nd, 2009
Part two coming soon!

A good question, a better answer

I was just watching the Suze Orman show entitled, “For The Young, Fabulous and Broke” on DVD. She ended her show by mentioning this question that she was asked by a teacher: “How are you deceiving yourself?”

I thought, while listening to her and before she mentioned the answer given by her teacher, this is a really good question. I was looking for quick answers in my mind. I always thought that awareness is the best we can ever have; especially awareness of our own selves. It wasn’t actually difficult to come with answers in my own situation, and I was sure that if I am to give this question some thought, I’d come up with many important facts about how I deceive myself, and therefore have less awareness and understanding of the real causes of my problems.

Well, Suze Orman did the same, she kept telling her teacher of ways and things she deceived herself about, but every time she was getting the same feedback, “Wrong”! So she finally gave up and asked, “Ok, you tell me”, and her teacher gave her an answer that was even more illuminating than the question itself:  “You are deceiving yourself by thinking that you are not perfect!”

Isn’t that a good point, that when we have perfection as a starting point, we are more likely to become and do more and better?! No matter what our current situation, we are perfect in our human potential, we are perfect because God is perfect, fair and merciful. Only if we know it enough.

Quotes from Donald Trump’s “How to Get Rich”


  • There are situations in which the only way up is out.
  • Learning is a new beginning we can give ourselves every day.
  • Learn something new, whether you think you’re interested in it or not.
  • It’s a big world. There’s lot we don’t know, which means there’s still a lot to be discovered and a lot to be accomplished.
  • Writing is a form of thinking, and so is speaking.
  • People who persist have courage, because often it’s a lot easier to give up.
  • He who looks outside his own heart dreams, he who looks inside his own heart awakens. Carl Jung
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge. Einstein
  • Sometimes, rather than confronting a tyrant or a psycho directly, it’s more effective to keep the knowledge to yourself and proceed accordingly, behind the scenes.
  • Homework is required and there will be a test.
  • We can learn from our mistakes, but it’s better to learn from our successes.
  • There are no short cuts to anywhere worth going. Beverly Sills
  • The harder I work, the luckier I get. Gary Player
  • The way we dress says a lot before we ever say a word.
  • The sooner you understand the value of money, the more likely you are to possess large amounts of it.
  • Here is the golden rule of negotiating: He who has the gold makes the rules.
  • If you see the entire planet as an emerging market-which it is-you’ll discover that you’ve got a lot of homework to do every day.
  • Ideas are door openers, the first step. Without a first step, there won’t be any other steps to take you where you want to go.
  • I will study and prepare, and perhaps my chance will come. Abraham Lincoln
  • Quotes from “The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People” by David Niven


  • Knowledge isn’t going to track you down and force itself upon you.
  • You can spend incredible effort inefficiently and gain nothing. Or, you can spend modest efforts efficiently and be rewarded.
  • While you ultimately seek the final outcome, you still have to work piece by piece.
  • According to research, life satisfaction is 22 percent more likely for those with a steady stream of minor accomplishments than those who express interest only in major accomplishments.
  • Positive change in your life will not be finished today, but it can start today.
  • Write down the directions: If you were taking a complicated route out of town, you would write down the directions. But if you were considering the future path of you life, your goals, and what you needed to achieve them, you probably wouldn’t write any of it down.
  • Get experience any way you can.
  • Your success is far more dependant on your behavior now than it is based upon where you grew up, where you went to school, or whether your path so far has been easy or difficult.
  • Inadequate sleep reduces innovative thinking by 60 percent and flexibility in decision making by 39 percent.
  • BOREDOM IS THE ENEMY. When evaluating a job opportunity, don’t just worry about the salary and workload; investigate how much variety there is in the tasks you’ll perform.
  • People who are prone to use stereotypes in assessing themselves and others are 39 percent more likely to believe that opportunities are limited for others and themselves.
  • If you seek to lead, your ability will ultimately be measured in the successes of those around you.
  • When the top goes bad, then the rest of the organization goes bad.
  • Over eight in ten people will support their friends moving up beyond them, even support the advancement of peers who they are not friendly with, if they feel the promotion was based on achievements and ability.
  • Success in life is not a matter of getting everything. Success is a matter of getting what you need.
  • People who care do a better job in everything they do.
  • When asked to describe significant regrets in their lives, more than eight out of ten people focused on actions they did not take rather than actions they did. In other words, they focused on things they failed to do rather than things they failed at doing.
  • People who find their lives fulfilling care about those around them.
  • We need some stability in our lives to be able to function.
  • You can’t just change jobs to make yourself into a new person.
  • It’s easier to put off doing something difficult, and it’s comforting to tell ourselves that we’ll get around to it later. It makes today easier, but it makes tomorrow much more difficult.
  • Customers were 70 percent more likely to continue to do business in the store if they found the employees satisfied with their jobs.
  • Low levels of career interest are associated with low enjoyment of life overall and even greater dissatisfaction with family life.
  • Quotes from Donald Trump’s “The Way to The Top”

    • There’s no excuse for making the same mistakes that others have made.
    • Be honest with yourself and do what you are comfortable doing.
    • Ideas have consequences.
    • The 5 Ps: “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”
    • Keep a notebook where you log every mistake and every area where you think you could improve.
    • If you want to make $100,000 a year, all you have to do is find a hundred people who can make you $1,000 or a thousand people to make $100.
    • Be careful what you wish for, as you just may get it!
    • The man with the plan leads the way.
    • Talent is the seed for passion, since you tend to like the things you are good at.
    • A person who is nice to you, but rude to a waiter, is not a nice person.
    • If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
    • There is nothing more stubborn than the facts.
    • Mistakes are a fact of life.
    • Do not rely on a single solution to solve a problem. Develop a parallel path that could be used in the event the original solution does not come to bear.
    • The guy on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.
    • Take care of your own affairs or someone else will do it for you.
    • A decision made with perfect information is too late.
    • Use the DELETE button often.
    • In business and in life, you’re never done.