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From Darkness out to Light

Ignoring anything that bothers us will NOT take it away or make it vanish. Ignoring is just as good as pretending. You pretend to not see what IS there. You pretend to forget what is still present inside your heart and your mind. Ignoring is for the weak and, as the word itself suggests, for the ignorant. We can choose not to be ignorant, not to ignore.

When we are ignorant about something, we can change that by learning about it from good sources. This will move us from darkness to light in that particular area. When something is there and we’re not comfortable about it, we can change that as well, but not by ignoring it, because this will only keep it, and us, in darkness. To move out to light requires that we face it, understand it, write it down, speak it up. Just look it in the face, have a brave and decent conversation, and deal with it.

We better not ignore anything; we better know and handle things.

Bird in College!

I was sitting in Cornell University, Ithaca, when this bird came and stood there, looking at the horizon! Luckily, I had my camera, so I could make this moment eternal!

Birds have other ways to learn than go to college. Granted, they can visit and fly around, but they have no need for classes and textbooks, like we humans do. They come with all their knowledge already programmed into them, and most important of all, they seem to be happy! It’s not because they can fly as we might think, we humans already make planes and we can somewhat fly, but this didn’t change much in the quality of out “inner” existence. Birds are happy because they are natural, or spontaneous. They live in harmony with their nature, and with Nature itself. We humans have a greater task; it’s a quest for our true nature, and another quest for living in harmony with, or connected to it!

The Power of Arabic!

The Arabic language is very interesting and very powerful. I recently wrote something in my Arabic blog about a health issue, namely weight problems, and as I was writing, I realized that the words “health” and “right” come from the same root. If you say “healthy” it becomes exactly the same word as “correct” or “right”. The beautiful thing about this language is how words and their derivations make sense. Unlike other languages, you feel that all the words are connected to their meaning. It’s thought provoking. For example, I recently watched a brief show about the language, and it pointed out the strong relations between words formed from the same letters. Sometimes when you just reverse the word, you’ll be surprised. Take one example: The word “Qa’a” means the bottom, or the very low, when you reverse it to “A’aq” it means someone who is bad to their parents. Being good to parents is a very important behavior in Arabic and Islamic tradition. When you reverse the word money, “mal” , you get the verb: to blame, “lam”! I am just thinking randomly now, as I write, trying to find such relations. Let me continue with “mal” or money. It’s composed of three letters, if you see what you can get from those letters, I found the following: “lamma”,  which, in Arabic, is only written in two letters, means to collect. But “Malla”, also written in 2 letters only, means to be bored. Moreover, the same letters of “Mal”, money, when you slightly change the pronunciation, it will be “Mala” , meaning both to be attracted or inclined to, and also getting away from something, usually the straight path for example.

Those are just a few examples. There is a big literature about that, and I am not even specialized in the language and didn’t read much in this area. For me, as a Muslim, it’s no wonder that the Quran, believed to be the only word of good preserved intact, was revealed in Arabic.


I don’t always keep my promises. Well, only those that I make to myself. I have finished the book mentioned in my last post, and I wanted to write something about it, not really for “MY READERS”, probably non-existent in this new and inactive blog.

The point is, we read books, good or great, and… and that’s it! I have always longed for some better way to read, some method that would allow our soul and our mind to retain all the worthy intellectual nutrients.

One way that I think of is to rewrite about whatever has captured our attention, which is usually something of significance to us. Rewriting it is a way of practicing it, and, as we all know, practice is the way to master anything, be it physical or mental.

I’ve been losing so much of my time, and of my life! :(

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