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A sweet taste

All my life I liked to have my drinks, especially hot drinks, super sweet. My favorite drink was black tea with milk, which I make with no water. Just hot milk and tea. It tastes great. I can’t have one of those with less than four tea-spoons of white sugar in it! I’ve been into reading health books for some time now, and I realized how bad white sugar is. However it’s not as difficult to change our bad habits as we might think. I recently started introducing herbal teas into my “drinking life”! I am enjoying it, and I know I am doing myself good. Because herbal teas were not part of my taste memory, I sweetened them with honey since I started having them. But until very recently, I still had a hard time sweeten my black tea with honey. I thought I was just so used to having it sweetened with sugar all my life, that it doesn’t taste “right” wigh honey. However, as I am writing this post, I am having a cup of black tea, sweetened with only honey. No white sugar in there, and it tastes just fine. Even the amount of honey that I find myself now enjoying is far less than the amount of white sugar that I needed to have. The claims about white sugar being addictive and processed food being made in a way to make people want more of it doesn’t seem to be non-sense.

The problem is not only white sugar. It was only my personal problem. Now there is an increasing market for diet sweetners. Businesses want to make money, but there seem to be little concern among business people about the well-being of customers. They only work for the well-being of their fat wallets. Well, I should say bank accounts, they probably have more money than can fit in a wallet anyway!

It’s now a fact how bad those so-called diet sweeteners are, and still they are being advertised and sold. Diet soda for example is too bad. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda and all the others are bad. The only sweetener I found many voices saying to be the best option is the herb Stevia, which is a naturally sweet herb. Honey also is a naturally sweet food, so I use it. I am slowly working on correcting my eating habits. I want to do whatever feels natural to me, and part of that is knowledge. Knowledge is giving me the power to change and not feel stressed about it, just feel that I am doing the right, normal thing. Knowledge is the key to changing people!


I don’t always keep my promises. Well, only those that I make to myself. I have finished the book mentioned in my last post, and I wanted to write something about it, not really for “MY READERS”, probably non-existent in this new and inactive blog.

The point is, we read books, good or great, and… and that’s it! I have always longed for some better way to read, some method that would allow our soul and our mind to retain all the worthy intellectual nutrients.

One way that I think of is to rewrite about whatever has captured our attention, which is usually something of significance to us. Rewriting it is a way of practicing it, and, as we all know, practice is the way to master anything, be it physical or mental.

I’ve been losing so much of my time, and of my life! :(

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