The Reincarnation of a Piece of Paper!

My heart sings when I see something like this in public parks!


How beautiful is that too!


The availability of recycling pans is a sure way to encourage (lazy, convenience-driven) people (most of us) to throw their disposables where they belong!  A Plastic bottle shouldn’t have the same destiny as a piece of paper! Each has a different life cycle, and after it’s done serving us, we should take it “home”, where it can survive.

The plastic bottle will not survive in the trash, where it will end up buried in the landfill!

A piece of paper should have a never-ending life and reincarnate into a fertilizer or a new piece of paper!

That’s how Nature works, everything transforms into something else; that’s what sustainability means: Reincarnation. Never-ending life for everything.

But until our cities make the reincarnation of everything so convenient, everywhere, we should just make sure to put everything we can where they are to have a new life, in a new body!

Stop and Smell… The Cucumber!

0614091324-01Food is our fuel, like gas is our car’s fuel. Is it?!!

We run on the energy we get from food, that’s right, the way our automobiles run on the energy they get from gas, that’s right too!

But how does gas taste? Does our car enjoy it’s meal at the pump?!

For some reason, our experience of fueling is different than machines. We could have been designed just like cars, pump some fuel into our mouth and get going! No, God intended to make our experience totally different. It even has a different name: eating!

We eat to feed our organs and have energy to move and do what we need to do. We also eat to enjoy the taste of food.

Food, then, has two functions. Two dimensions. Right?

Today I thought about the usually forgotten dimension of food. The Third Dimension!

When was the last time you smelled your food? I mean intentionally smelled it. I know the smell of food forces itself on your senses and reaches to your nose from time to time. But once you have your plate in front of you, do you ever take a few seconds to “give it a smell” before you bury it in the belly?

I do, sometimes. Food smells good, trust me! Why ignore something extra that it has to offer you?

Stop and smell the roses is a very sound suggestion. Do it. But how about you stop and smell the cucumber as well? Smell your fish, raw and cooked? Smell the fruit (juice), smell the olive (oil)…?!

Food has three functions, three pleasures to offer. Take them all, and thank the Creator!

How Late Do Our Computers Stay Up?!

If you’d like to waste two or three hours feeling busy, but doing nothing, get a computer and an internet connection!

tree lake

Well, you might watch some informative videos and read some interesting news. The question is: How do you feel once you disconnect? Do you feel full of the energy of knowledge, and fulfilled? Or do you feel exausted and put your computer away with a headache? The latter state is a sign that your computer time is draining energy rather than energizing your mind. Not good!

How much of our computer (now that really or mostly means: internet) time is really useful to our physical and spiritual well-being? We need to step back and think about that.

Do we really know how much time we spend online? If we  know, we might be surprised!

I come back from work, have my dinner, and connect to the world! Or so I think!

Is the world really contained online? Aren’t we just selecting very small and limited views or pieces of the world when we choose one web site or one news story over all (millions) the others?

Do we connect to the Internet to disconnect from ourselves? Our heart and our intellect? Reading an external story is always much easier than reading the real, internal stories! Language has some words for it: Introspection. Meditation. Prayer. Thinking!

As I put my laptop away at the end of the day, I feel exhausted. Time passes by so quickly online. I move from one blog to the other, I try to look at the videos titles on Youtube and select a few. I don’t have time to watch all those stories and documentaries that will reveal to me some more pieces of our World truths! I feel exausted by what I didn’t have time to read and watch!

We have to come to clear terms with our human limitations. We will NEVER be able to be gods, able to take, read, know, see everything that is out there. We have to be selective. We have to understand that all the world happens within!

So I decided to tame my Internet time. The way we try to discipline a child. Time for bed baby! I now try to put my computer/Internet to sleep at a particular time. 9:30 PM? Time to disconnect!

This way I actually get to sleep earlier, wake up for work naturally, without turning off the persistent alarm 3 times before I can make it out of bed!

Tame your Internet time. Don’t let it stay up too late. When Internet bed time comes, put it to sleep!

Dirty Cleaning

We live a miserably interesting time as far as our environment is concerned!
Cleaning used to be just that: cleaning. Making things cleaner than they were, and therefore healthier. We know that dirtiness brings about illness, of both body and mind. If everyone would just wash their hands, many diseases would be eliminated. That’s how connected health and cleanliness are. But not any more! 
Chicago Botanic4


I was on a quick shopping trip in Target, when I passed by the cleaning supplies section. I saw hundreds of small and big plastic bottles aligned together, containing substances that supposedly make our life cleaner and healthier. A wave of horror crossed my mind as I looked at those bottles!  


People will buy them, thousands of them (people and bottles!). How much of this plastic will be recycled? You know. Not the majority. Some will indeed be recycled by Earth conscious people, but many thousand plastic bottles will end up in landfills, contributing to the ever increasing causes of pollution and disease. Aren’t we supposed to clean for health, not for pollution?!   

Now consider what those bottles really contain. Many of the cleaning substances actually contain toxic chemicals. Here’s another serving of pollution and disease, besides the plastic containers that will go to waste. Not only the toxic chemicals will pollute our homes and our bodies, but they will possibly leak into water and plants in their long journey once they leave our homes. How the heck did we end up in this miserable situation? A few evil ingredients: greed, shortsightedness, and laziness, and some well-meaning ignorance as well.   

What we can do? Simple. We buy eco-friendly products, toxic free. Then we recycle any containers and packaging, paper or plastic. Even better, we buy bulk products that are not contained in containers! We make use of the plenty of tips available on how to make some of the cleaning substances at home, using all natural ingredients. We have to start there, with ourselves and our homes. Then we have to move on to a bigger scale, learning how to push our governments to impose health and far-sighted policies on businesses and people. We can’t just rely on the Earth and Health conscious individuals if we want change to happen in the current century!   

We Should, But We Don’t Like To!

Glenco (4)
We usually know what we should do. Many things that we’re not doing, or not consistently. If exercise is good, exercising once every two or three months will not be of any real benefit. If we exercise once a week, every week, then we’re up to something. We increase it to twice a week, every week, that’s really good for us. If we eat healthy once a month, our health will not change much. If we have one healthy meal every day, we’re on the road to real change.

We should do many things, but we don’t. There is only one problem with all of them: We just don’t like to do any of them! As long as we don’t like to do something, we will struggle with it. We will do it, then quit, and feel bad because we quit so fast, and blame our fragile willpower.

Our willpower is not to blame.  We’re humans, we need to understand how we work. We’re not a machine with an on and off button! Our “power switch” is more subtle than a simple, visible button.

I tried to run many times. It was the “once every 3 or 4 months” thing. It never lasted. I just didn’t like running! Last Sunday I tried something different: speed walking. I like walking, so I decided to try and walk as fast as I could, but without running. When I tried to run, I’d get tired one or two minutes into the run. If I pushed myself, I wouldn’t feel comfortable in my chest. With speed walking, nothing of that happened. I could sustain a fast pace for a much longer time, and it was enjoyable. Eureka!

Whatever habit we see benefit in introducing into our life, we won’t be able to sustain it if we don’t like it. Our chance is to find ways or variations of the action to make it enjoyable, and therefore consistent.

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