A visit to the doctor

One co-worker, who doesn’t speak English, needed to see a doctor. I went with him to be his translator. When scheduling the appointment, which was urgent, the doctor spoke to me on the phone. I told him about one symptom that my friend had, and he said it could be due to some vitamin deficiency, but that it’s rare.

When we went to see the doctor, we had some good news. My friend had some blood work done at the hospital and the results were negative, which was the main concern. However, regarding this one symptom, my friend still needed something done about it. I reminded the doctor about what he said, that it could be due to some kind of vitamin deficiency, and wondered if it could be a good idea for my friend to take a good multi-vitamin. The doctor said there was no need for that. Because my friend worked in a restaurant, the doctor “assumed” that he must be getting all his nutritional needs! So we ended up with the doctor not knowing what caused the symptoms, and not suggesting anything more than an antibiotic. Antibiotics seem to be the saviors for doctors when they don’t know what to do. Because being a doctor is about prescribing drugs, isn’t it!

To me, this is just one manifestation of how conventional medicine has gone astray. Even worse, I imagine that may be the doctor didn’t give much concern about this patient because he was a self-pay patient, with no insurance. So the doctor knew that if this patient could pay for this one visit, he wouldn’t probably afford to pay for more procedures, tests and visits.

For me, the ideal scenario should have gone something like the following. The doctor sees a symptom that he doesn’t understand and can’t find a clear cause for. The symptom is some lesions on the tongue. The doctor should ask the patient about his dietary habits. This just seems to be basic and common sense. When you have a patient complaining of something not very common or clear, even if you don’t address this particular problem, you should look at the whole well being of the patient. You should make sure that he is getting his nutritional needs, and second, you should make sure that his body is getting rid of toxins effectively. If you do just these two things, you’re sure to solve many problems, whether they be visible or invisible. Moreover, when it comes to getting rid of toxins, for example, how can a doctor see a patient without asking them how much water they drink?! Water is vital for many functions in the body, and so many people don’t really realize that. So the role of a doctor is to inform people about all the basic and little things that make a big difference.

My friend was scheduled for a one month follow up. I advised him not to go back. It would be useless, and the doctor will have nothing to say. He’d just be better off listening to some basic advice that I know will be beneficial for him, and save himself from some more antibiotics!

A sweet taste

All my life I liked to have my drinks, especially hot drinks, super sweet. My favorite drink was black tea with milk, which I make with no water. Just hot milk and tea. It tastes great. I can’t have one of those with less than four tea-spoons of white sugar in it! I’ve been into reading health books for some time now, and I realized how bad white sugar is. However it’s not as difficult to change our bad habits as we might think. I recently started introducing herbal teas into my “drinking life”! I am enjoying it, and I know I am doing myself good. Because herbal teas were not part of my taste memory, I sweetened them with honey since I started having them. But until very recently, I still had a hard time sweeten my black tea with honey. I thought I was just so used to having it sweetened with sugar all my life, that it doesn’t taste “right” wigh honey. However, as I am writing this post, I am having a cup of black tea, sweetened with only honey. No white sugar in there, and it tastes just fine. Even the amount of honey that I find myself now enjoying is far less than the amount of white sugar that I needed to have. The claims about white sugar being addictive and processed food being made in a way to make people want more of it doesn’t seem to be non-sense.

The problem is not only white sugar. It was only my personal problem. Now there is an increasing market for diet sweetners. Businesses want to make money, but there seem to be little concern among business people about the well-being of customers. They only work for the well-being of their fat wallets. Well, I should say bank accounts, they probably have more money than can fit in a wallet anyway!

It’s now a fact how bad those so-called diet sweeteners are, and still they are being advertised and sold. Diet soda for example is too bad. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda and all the others are bad. The only sweetener I found many voices saying to be the best option is the herb Stevia, which is a naturally sweet herb. Honey also is a naturally sweet food, so I use it. I am slowly working on correcting my eating habits. I want to do whatever feels natural to me, and part of that is knowledge. Knowledge is giving me the power to change and not feel stressed about it, just feel that I am doing the right, normal thing. Knowledge is the key to changing people!

The Power of Arabic!

The Arabic language is very interesting and very powerful. I recently wrote something in my Arabic blog about a health issue, namely weight problems, and as I was writing, I realized that the words “health” and “right” come from the same root. If you say “healthy” it becomes exactly the same word as “correct” or “right”. The beautiful thing about this language is how words and their derivations make sense. Unlike other languages, you feel that all the words are connected to their meaning. It’s thought provoking. For example, I recently watched a brief show about the language, and it pointed out the strong relations between words formed from the same letters. Sometimes when you just reverse the word, you’ll be surprised. Take one example: The word “Qa’a” means the bottom, or the very low, when you reverse it to “A’aq” it means someone who is bad to their parents. Being good to parents is a very important behavior in Arabic and Islamic tradition. When you reverse the word money, “mal” , you get the verb: to blame, “lam”! I am just thinking randomly now, as I write, trying to find such relations. Let me continue with “mal” or money. It’s composed of three letters, if you see what you can get from those letters, I found the following: “lamma”,  which, in Arabic, is only written in two letters, means to collect. But “Malla”, also written in 2 letters only, means to be bored. Moreover, the same letters of “Mal”, money, when you slightly change the pronunciation, it will be “Mala” , meaning both to be attracted or inclined to, and also getting away from something, usually the straight path for example.

Those are just a few examples. There is a big literature about that, and I am not even specialized in the language and didn’t read much in this area. For me, as a Muslim, it’s no wonder that the Quran, believed to be the only word of good preserved intact, was revealed in Arabic.

Blind Visa

Now is the time for those who want to gamble. Not for money though, but for changing the course of their life by changing where they live. For two months, you can test your luck. In this one, the great saying, “The harder I work, the luckier I get” cannot apply. It’s now time for… The Green Card Lottery, which is given the more sophisticated name of “Diversity Visa“.

But it’s no more than a lottery. The United States give out 50,000 Green Cards every year in a lottery. All anyone needs to apply is to be from one of the countries accepted, and to have a high school diploma, or a two-year work experience. No minimum of English knowledge is required. No particular skills or education are given priority. Now let me use my frank words: this practice is a shame. I can even say more, or worse.

Reports say that there is between 10 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the US today. Many of them don’t speak English, and yet many more are unskilled workers. The country needs them, or they wouldn’t be able to live and find jobs. If all of them leave right now, hundreds of thousands of businesses will be stuck. Ok, they fill a need, and the country already has millions of them. So what does this Diversity Visa add? It brings in thousands of legal immigrants, yet many of them “don’t speak English, and many more are unskilled workers”.

As I talk about immigration, I have to mention that I am myself an immigrant. I live with immigrants and know their weaknesses and their strengths. However, immigrants vary as much as their backgrounds. For example, I know the Arab immigrants community well enough, and don’t know too much about immigrants from other backgrounds. But all immigrants, no matter where they come from, have too many things, and conditions, in common.

I have seen how many young people come here, with very good qualifications to benefit both themselves and their new country, yet they had to struggle for many years just to have a legal status. I myself have experienced this struggle first hand. I know many who started this way, then they are now successful business owners or distinguished professors. There are many others who hope for a chance to come to this country, where they think they will have more opportunities. Very bright and highly skilled young people, but they don’t have a way to do it. Wouldn’t it be better to give out those 50,000 Green Cards to some of those qualified individuals, both inside and outside the country?

I respect the Canadian immigration system. They have points, and you qualify according to how many points you score. You get points for fluency in English and French, for age (the younger the better) for education, for work experience. Once you meet these requirements, you have a chance. You don’t need a job offer from a Canadian employer, and you don’t need to marry a Canadian citizen. Why wouldn’t the US try to adopt a similar system?

As an immigrant, I have seen some of the worse days of life. Only hope and advice of friends kept me from giving up and going back home when I so much wanted to. I probably didn’t plan it right, but no good information was made available to help me plan. When you are outside the US, you are made to believe certain things about the way it works, only to find that it’s only in movies, or a good one or two decades ago. I read books back in my country, but when I came, I found that certain things changed. I wasted too much time and energy doing nothing, just suffering and trying to figure out how to just have the very basic, a legal status and a driver’s license! It felt as if I left a prison to another prison. I hated how little freedom I had in my country when it comes to politics. I couldn’t control such things as corruption, and felt unable to help save myself and my country. I thought that I can only help from a position of freedom and power, and was seeking a place where I can rely on myself and not worry about my basic rights as a human being, so I can reach up for what we humans need to focus on. The things that really matter, because we’re all responsible for all. But the more power and freedom we have, the more responsible we are for those who have not!

I asked, and Donald Trump answered!

Remember my post about winning in a Trump Blog contest? Donald Trump answered my questions, not only one, but he actually answered all the three questions that I have submitted, which makes me feel distinguished! Trump has a long experience in business, and therefore in life in general, so his answer, which in fact is an advice, is very valuable and significant. We need and have to listen to successful people, if we are going to live our lives anyway, why not live the best life we can? I remember that in one of Trump books he said that it was better to learn from our successes than to learn from our mistakes, if this holds true for our own successes, then it only makes sense to learn from the successes of all those who achieved it.

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