Turkish Coffee @ Starbucks!

I am a strong coffee lover, that’s why I love Turkish coffee. I have been in USA for more than five years now, and all this time I believed that I can get it only from Middle Eastern grocery stores. It’s imported, so you can’t buy it fresh. Until I made a great coffee discovery! I didn’t make it myself though. My elder brother is visiting, a coffee lover himself, and he was looking around in a grocery store, when he found out that when you grind the coffee, the machine has an option of grinding it into Turkish coffee. So we tried it, but the results were very bad. The outcome didn’t look anything like a real Turkish coffee. I thought the machine must not be that good, and wondered if coffee shops like Starbucks would have this option when you grind your coffee there. I asked, and well, they do! But I didn’t do it at Starbucks, I did it at Gimme, our local coffee place, whose coffee I prefer over Starbucks. The result was outstanding. Real, great Turkish coffee. Next time I will try it at Starbucks, because this way I know I will always be able to buy my Turkish coffee, wherever I move within the US. Only for now you still can’t buy a cup of Turkish coffee at Starbucks. But who knows, may be in the future they will serve it there!

For those who don’t know what Turkish coffee is like, I would say the closest thing to it is espresso. So those who like espresso may very well like Turkish. However I myself don’t like espresso, Turkish coffee is as strong, but it is much tastier!

My 2008 Poem!

My life will change this year
I will be free!
I will have no fear,
I’ll have the world to see!

I won’t worry about money,
Life will be just great,
I will live somewhere sunny,
I will love my fate,

living will be fun and funny!

I will serve the truth,
With a heart free of hate,
living in eternal youth,
On a clear path, straight
And smooth.

I will live with power,
Serving my lord,
On top will be my tower,
Just will be my sword.

I will live in light,
That I will spread and show,
I will not lose sight,
Of how to make my world grow.

I will be the real Shedou,
I will be Mohamed The Great,
Helping you, be the real you,
For the poor and weak, opening the gate!

From Darkness out to Light

Ignoring anything that bothers us will NOT take it away or make it vanish. Ignoring is just as good as pretending. You pretend to not see what IS there. You pretend to forget what is still present inside your heart and your mind. Ignoring is for the weak and, as the word itself suggests, for the ignorant. We can choose not to be ignorant, not to ignore.

When we are ignorant about something, we can change that by learning about it from good sources. This will move us from darkness to light in that particular area. When something is there and we’re not comfortable about it, we can change that as well, but not by ignoring it, because this will only keep it, and us, in darkness. To move out to light requires that we face it, understand it, write it down, speak it up. Just look it in the face, have a brave and decent conversation, and deal with it.

We better not ignore anything; we better know and handle things.

Late, but coming!

Sweet is the taste of success! Even though it’s not there yet, my nose can smell it, my tongue can taste it, and my heart can feel it; it’s there! It’s no where but inside, waiting for a chance to materialize and see the light. The waiting has been long, but it won’t matter once it is born into the world. I have been carrying this child since a very early age. I knew it was always there, even though no “life pregnancy test” would reveal its existence! All starts as a vision, and my vision is insisting on talking to me, revealing itself in dream-like manners. Would it come to life? It must be there for a reason. Every existence is real, and it does exist. YOU DO EXIST!

Bird in College!

I was sitting in Cornell University, Ithaca, when this bird came and stood there, looking at the horizon! Luckily, I had my camera, so I could make this moment eternal!

Birds have other ways to learn than go to college. Granted, they can visit and fly around, but they have no need for classes and textbooks, like we humans do. They come with all their knowledge already programmed into them, and most important of all, they seem to be happy! It’s not because they can fly as we might think, we humans already make planes and we can somewhat fly, but this didn’t change much in the quality of out “inner” existence. Birds are happy because they are natural, or spontaneous. They live in harmony with their nature, and with Nature itself. We humans have a greater task; it’s a quest for our true nature, and another quest for living in harmony with, or connected to it!

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