The Reincarnation of a Piece of Paper!

My heart sings when I see something like this in public parks!


How beautiful is that too!


The availability of recycling pans is a sure way to encourage (lazy, convenience-driven) people (most of us) to throw their disposables where they belong!  A Plastic bottle shouldn’t have the same destiny as a piece of paper! Each has a different life cycle, and after it’s done serving us, we should take it “home”, where it can survive.

The plastic bottle will not survive in the trash, where it will end up buried in the landfill!

A piece of paper should have a never-ending life and reincarnate into a fertilizer or a new piece of paper!

That’s how Nature works, everything transforms into something else; that’s what sustainability means: Reincarnation. Never-ending life for everything.

But until our cities make the reincarnation of everything so convenient, everywhere, we should just make sure to put everything we can where they are to have a new life, in a new body!

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