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My 2009 Twitter Wisdom, Part.3

Only the free souls will make life better!
Sep 15th, 2009
God gives us little difficulties to train us for bigger obstacles and greater accomplishments!
Sep 16th, 2009
Oh God! How many people on this earth are deprived from their rights by the unfairness of their fellow humans!
Sep 24th, 2009
In Arabic; the word for Injustice is: ZULM, and for darkness is: ZULMA!
Sep 24th, 2009
It definitely won’t work… When you give up!
Sep 28th, 2009  
100′s of spam daily! But I rather get them in my inbox than mail box!
Sep 29th, 2009
If God gives us comforts, He will ask us what we did for those who are suffering!
Sep 29th, 2009
Every new begining is another chance to clean up the past!
Sep 30th, 2009
I had a wisdom tooth taken out, but pain increases my wisdom!
Oct 6th, 2009
God! Help us not let one day go by without trying to make life better!
Oct 6th, 2009
In 1973, it had taken Egyptians 6 years to win their land back from Israel, now why is it taking them decades to get it back from Corruption!!
Oct 6th, 2009
Time has one task and it will keep fulfilling it: passing by!
Oct 8th, 2009
Freedom with risk is way better than safety with lack of freedom.
Oct 17th, 2009
Just learned that “A cow converts twenty pounds of grass into one pound of beef”. That’s how much MEAT costs humans and their earth! :(
Oct 20th, 2009
Got my IL Driver’s Licence instead of my NY one. Finally feel like a real Illinois citizen!
Oct 30th, 2009
Every time we eat, we should think of those who are starving and of ways to help them!
Nov 3rd, 2009
Life has the potential of being a lot better!
Nov 15th, 2009
Beautiful nature is the greatest of pleasures!
Nov 21st, 2009
If we want our life to be real, we have to frequently challenge our beliefs!
Dec 2nd, 2009
I am not an office person!
Dec 3rd, 2009
It’s freezing cold in chicago and we have heat everywhere. What do the poor in similar conditions do with no heat! :(
Dec 10th, 2009
The world is suffering because there are more people creating problems than people preventing and fixing them!
Dec 11th, 2009
People say life is unfair. God is fair, humans are not, and life has nothing to do with it!
Dec 17th, 2009
Sincerity is the only way leading to God!
Dec 26th, 2009
Having my tuna salad for lunch and thinking that millions are starving to death this very same moment!
Dec 28th, 2009
That was it for my 2009 tweets that I’d like to keep. Those were impulsive ideas that came to me anywhere as I was thinking of something. We never stop thinking. Our mind is a tireless talking machine. Many of those thoughts are useless, many are negative, and hopefully we can make a few of them life-changing! As I look at Twitter, I think it’s a blessing, a tool to conserve and share our big and small ideas in brief. It helped me a lot with Twitter to link it to my cell, I could tweet my ideas on the go as they come. That makes me think if investing in a smart phone (iPhone) would be a good idea. I think I’m being more careful now with my purchases, I learned from many experiences, just like millions of others, that we may very well buy something because we think that we will use it to make our life better in some way, but we usually end up using it a few times then forgetting about it. This should teach us to be careful and learn to buy only the things that will benefit us.
Anyway, as I look at those tweets, I think that I might develop those ideas a little more in the future, and use this blog to share what I will be thinking!

My 2009 Twitter Wisdom, Part. 2

If you’d like to know what this is about, please read part 1.
“When you are born, your work is placed in your heart” Khalil Gibran. No wonder we will remain ‘sick’ as long as we ignore our heart/work!
Jul 23rd, 2009
The biggest and most serious “jihad” in our life journey is to put meaning into all of what we do!
Jul 24th, 2009
Just had breakfast: Greek salad and coffee. The salad was delicious & refreshing, why in the world don’t we give a good chance to vegetables!
Jul 25th, 2009
The quality of the people close to us determines to the greatest degree the quality of our living.
Jul 29th, 2009
If you think you love a person without loving what’s in their heart, you’re only lying to yourself. The body vanishes and we are our hearts!
Jul 29th, 2009
I wish that when we talk about someone in their absence, we imagine that they’re listening, and decide how we would say what we need to say.
Jul 29th, 2009
Muslims of today are the only problem with Islam.
Aug 7th, 2009
When left to ourselves, we can get ourselves into the deepest of troubles; it’s God’s way of telling us how much and how often we need Him!
Aug 9th, 2009
Another workweek to start and finish, then another to start and finish; Life is just cycles! We need to choose which cycle to get caught in!
Aug 10th, 2009
God is the only unseen that is more visible than everything we see and touch.
Aug 15th, 2009
Nothing kills a man’s heart and sense of living like taking away his freedom!
Aug 18th, 2009
A life without a project is a train without a track, a car without a steering wheel. How and where would they end up?!
Aug 27th, 2009
Reading is like food, when I don’t have enough, good quality coming in, I feel unhealthy, mind and body! For real.
Aug 28th, 2009
Prophet Muhammad was clearly told in the Quran that he had no authority over people, and now some Muslims act as if they had this right!
Sep 1st, 2009
The oppressor and the victim who accepts oppression are equal in sin!
Sep 1st, 2009
If God doesn’t exist, then nothing else does!
Sep 6th, 2009
As long as people eat too much meat; meat will eat them and eat their earth!
Sep 15th, 2009
Part. 3 coming soon!

My 2008-2009 Twitter Wisdom! Part.1

I started tweeting in the summer of 2008. I always loved short phrases, the ones that express long experiences and deep meanings in few words.
I remember, when I was learning foreign languages in Egypt in high school and college, that whenever we were required to come up with sentences using new words or illustrating grammer rules, I always had to write a sentence that actually said something meaningful. It was like an extra rule that I created for myself, for my own fun and self-respect! For example, if we need to use the word “eat” in a sentence, I would feel so simplistic if I wrote: “Mark eats eggs for breakfast”; instead, I had to come up with something like: “Both Muslims and Jews don’t eat pork”, or “The Earth has enough food for all people to eat”. I just thought it was too easy, somewhat insulting to our intelligence to just come up with any sentences that have no meaning whatsoever!
Then Twitter came and gave me an opportunity to remember my self-imposed rule! I still can’t tweet everyday and use it as a brief journal of what I am doing. I am not saying this is how it should be. I think I can’t get myself out of the mentioned student state of mind just yet! So, I decided to pick my tweets that are saying something, that have some universal meaning beyond the expression of a moment, and publish them here. I will start by the 2008-2009 tweets, the ones that say some kind of wisdom or mark significant events for me, then I might do the same later with my more recent Twitter activity.
I made a plan for today. A plan is different than a to do list, which starts on paper and ends on paper!
May 21st, 2008
Lists don’t produce action. Meaning does! 
May 21st, 2008
I just woke up and it’s noon. Work controls your life style. I can’t wake up early because I work at night.
May 24th, 2008
I wish I had a year off so I can read all my books! 
May 26th, 2008
My car broke, I don’t have enough money to fix it and I rely on it for my job/income! Why am I not worried?! Because God does what He wills!
June 2nd, 2008
A new chapter of our life story starts with every new job – among other things. A new chapter started for me! 
Jan 13th, 2009
Death brings balance to life. And faith brings peace to death!
Jan 13th, 2009
A trip to a new coffee shop for a cup of mocha made me two new friends: two American Muslims/converts around my age!
Feb 22nd, 2009
Today was my second day reading in the bus on my way to and from work in Downtown Chicago. Same bus, new world!
Apr 15th, 2009
Man cannot truly live without a project!
Jul 17th, 2009
Even if I tried and fell a 1000 times, I’ll get up and make it 1001, because it might be the one time I really get up and be the real ME!
Jul 18th, 2009
Don’t look down at a person, because God is looking at your heart!
Jul 18th, 2009
Why do we forget to make use of what makes sense?!
Jul 18th, 2009
Look ahead to get ahead, look at your feet to fall in place!
Jul 21st, 2009
Asking the right question is the very first step to getting the right answer/solution.
Jul 21st, 2009
Our work should make us feel alive, not just make us a living!
Jul 22nd, 2009
Part two coming soon!