That’s Me!

An Egyptian living in USA since 2002. Currently have Chicago, IL as my home. My parents named me Mohamed, my great-great-grand parents gave me the family name Shedou.

My age? I am a 1976 Gemini.

I have a variety of interests, and you find me here every time I feel like sharing some of my ideas. I will usually write about:

- Simple Living (seriously considering dedicating a blog to that, but not before I get my other blogs going first. Will see!).

- Natural Health.

- Self-improvement.

- Some Politics when necessary!

- World Problems (Poverty, Environment).

I have a dedicated blog where I write about religion and Islam in particular, which is my Muslim Mind.

I also blog in Arabic, my mother tongue.

I started blogging on Blogger, and I moved here in April 2010, trying to take my blogging career more seriously!

That’s it for now. Please come back often :)

To contact me: mohamed at